How tall is guthrie govan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1.87 m

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Q: How tall is guthrie govan?
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When was Guthrie Govan born?

Guthrie Govan was born on 1971-12-27.

Why is guthrie famous?

Because he is Guthrie Govan.

Which band does Guthrie Govan play in?

English guitarist Guthrie Govan has played with and worked for many bands. He's worked with The Aristocrats, Asia, GPS, and the Young Punx. He currently plays for Erotic Cakes, a band of his own creation.

How tall is Chris Govan?

Chris Govan is 5' 10".

Who is Guthrie Govan?

The modern day Jimi Hendrix in terms of innovation on the guitar. Complete virtuosity.

Is Arlo Guthrie tall?

Arlo Guthrie is 6'.

How tall is Guthrie McClintic?

Guthrie McClintic is 5' 10".

How tall is Caroline Guthrie?

Caroline Guthrie is 5' 1".

How tall is Frances Guthrie?

Frances Guthrie is 5' 1".

How tall is Pamela Guthrie?

Pamela Guthrie is 5' 4".

How tall is Tyrone Guthrie?

Tyrone Guthrie is 6' 4".

How tall is Reagan Guthrie?

Reagan Guthrie is 5' 1".