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Q: How tall is eman of justice crew?
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What are the nicknames of the justice crew member?

John, Lenny/Lennix, Scrappy, Wildrok, Kid taz, Eman, Solo,Samie o' G and Paulie

How tall is Eman Kazemi?

Eman Kazemi is 6' 1".

How tall is Solo Tohi of Justice Crew?


How tall is Jason Van Eman?

Jason Van Eman is 6'.

How tall is Ebony Courtney Eman?

Ebony Courtney Eman is 5' 2".

Who is maurice from justice crew?

its justice crew's old manager

What started justice crew?

Australias Got Talent started justice Crew.

Who wins Australias Got Talent 2010?

Justice Crew

Is a member of justice crew dead?

No all members of Justice Crew are still alive

Why did Paulie leave Justice Crew?

WHAT? Paulie is still in Justice Crew he never left

How old are the boys off justice crew?

Most of the boys in Justice Crew are 20 and 21

Are justice crew gay?

Justice crew are not gay NO.1 JOHN IS NOT GAY .....WHO EVER SAID THAT IN THAT OTHER ANSWER..... just type up: is John from justice crew gay :)