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5'9 acording to imdb

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Q: How tall is Tim Allen of home improvement?
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Who was the star of TVs home improvement?

Obviously Tim Allen

What is the name of Tim Allen's old sitcom?

home improvement

Was Billy Maze on 'Home Improvement'?

No, Billy Maze never appeared on Home Improvement with Tim Allen.

What accomplishments has Tim Allen made?

He was famous because of his television show Home Improvement.

What actor known for home improvement turned 57 today?

Tim Allen...Get Your Oodles!

Who was female lead with Tim Allen in Home improvement?

Patricia Richardson was the female lead :)

Who stared with Tim Allen in home improvement?

Richard KarnThe chubby bearded guy!

What was the name of the tool man on home improvement?

Yes!Tim "the tool man" Taylor or the actors with name was Tim Allen

Who is actor on tool time tv sitcom?

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, the character from Home Improvement, was played by the actor Tim Allen.

What exactly is home improvement?

Home Improvement is a family television show starring Tim Allen. Or, it is the concept of fixing your house and making it look/function better than it previously was.

The TV show Home Improvement was inspired by whose Showtime special called Men Are Pigs?

Tim Allen

Why Home Improvement ended?

it ended because Tim Allen wanted it to because he didnt want to do it any more