How tall is Symon Michaud?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Symon Michaud is 178 cm.

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Q: How tall is Symon Michaud?
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What nicknames does Symon Michaud go by?

Symon Michaud goes by Sym.

How tall is Symon Perriman?

Symon Perriman is 6' 2".

How tall is Anick Michaud?

Anick Michaud is 5' 5".

How tall is Naina Michaud?

Naina Michaud is 5' 4".

How tall is Alan Michaud?

Alan Michaud is 5' 9 1/2".

How tall is Kyle Michaud?

Kyle Michaud is 5' 10 1/2".

What movie and television projects has Symon Michaud been in?

Symon Michaud has: Played Yves in "Section 753.2" in 2009. Played Simon in "Warning: Union Executives at Work" in 2009. Played Agent Correctionnel in "Cellules sanguines: Une menace organique" in 2011. Played Correctional Officer in "Bloody Cells: An Organic Threat" in 2011. Played Massimo Doriani in "Schemer" in 2011. Played Nick in "Les Mafiozoo" in 2012. Played Real in "La fille du Martin" in 2013.

What is the birth name of Alan Michaud?

Alan Michaud's birth name is Alan Gregory Michaud.

When was Vanda Symon born?

Vanda Symon was born in 1969.

When did Symon Gould die?

Symon Gould died in 1963.

When was Symon Budny born?

Symon Budny was born in 1530.

When did Symon Budny die?

Symon Budny died in 1593.