How tall is Shehzad Roy?

Updated: 8/28/2023
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6 feet 1 inch

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Shehzad Roy is 5' 11 1/2".

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Q: How tall is Shehzad Roy?
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When was Shehzad Roy born?

Shehzad Roy was born on 1977-02-16.

When did shehzad roy get married?

may 2

Download song bewafa by shehzad roy?


How tall is ahmed shehzad?

5ft 10inch

Can anyone meet shehzad roy on twitter?

Anyone can follow an account that isn't set to private.

Is Shehzad Roy a Shia Muslim?

Yes indeed Shehzad Roy is a Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim. He was born in 16 February 1977. He is a very famous pop singer in Pakistan who brought a revolutionary approach to Pakistani pop music. He was born in Karachi.

Does Shehzad Roy got married?

No he isn't married but I think he is openly gay singer so I don't know

When was Shehzad Ahmed born?

Shehzad Ahmed was born in 1991.

When was Shehzad Altaf born?

Shehzad Altaf was born in 1957.

What has the author Amir Shehzad written?

Amir Shehzad has written: 'Palmistry'

When was Shehzad Tanweer born?

Shehzad Tanweer was born on 1982-12-15.

When did Shehzad Tanweer die?

Shehzad Tanweer died on 2005-07-07.