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UK snooker champion Ronald "Ronnie" O'Sullivan is 42 years old (birthdate: December 5, 1975).

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he is around 5'11"

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Q: How tall is Ronnie O'Sullivan?
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Who did Ronnie OSullivan beat in the 2008 snooker championship?

Ronnie beat Ali Carter in the final.

How many times has Ronnie OSullivan made centuries in snooker?

As of January 14th, Ronnie O'Sullivan has made 620 century breaks

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What day was Ronnie Osullivan born on?

Ronnie O'Sullivan is a well-known snooker player who was born in England. His date of birth is December 5, 1975. O'Sullivan's nickname in the world of professional snooker is 'The Rocket.'

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