How tall is Rodney Peete?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Rickie Peete is 6' 2".

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Rodney Peete is 6'.

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Q: How tall is Rodney Peete?
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Is Calvin Peete related to Rodney peete?

According to Rodney Peete's website, they are cousins.

What is Rodney peete doing these days?

Rodney Peete was born on March 16, 1966, in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

Who was the Lions qb in 1992?

Rodney Peete

What year did Rodney Peete play for Dallas?

Rodney Peete was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1994 season. The team's third-string quarterback that year? Jason Garrett.

How many brothers does Rodney peete have?

That would be his younger brother

Name all Lion quarterbacks in the 90s?

Rodney peete, Andre ware, Scott mitchell

Who was the quarterback of the 1995 team that scored over 50 points against the Detroit Lions?

Rodney Peete

Who was the quarterback for the Eagles in 1995 against the Dallas Cowboys?

In 1995 Rodney Peete was the starting quarterback for the Eagles.

What quarterback played for the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins?

Rodney Peete was with the Redskins in 1999 and the Panthers from 2001-2003.

How tall is Rodney Atkins?

Rodney Atkins is 6'4" tall.

Who was a former African American Dallas Cowboys quarterback?

Reggie Collier, Rodney Peete, Randall Cunningham, Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter.

How tall is Rodney Edwards?

Rodney Edwards is 6'.