How tall is Revard Dufresne?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Revard Dufresne is 6' 6".

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Q: How tall is Revard Dufresne?
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How tall is Carrie Dufresne?

Carrie Dufresne is 5' 10".

What movie and television projects has Revard Dufresne been in?

Revard Dufresne has: Played Zoner Gladiator in "Smallville" in 2001. Played Tui Jr. in "Broken Saints" in 2003. Played Guard in "Eureka" in 2006. Played V Mate in "V" in 2009. Played Trainer in "Lying to Be Perfect" in 2010. Played Police Officer in "Girl Fight" in 2011. Played Head Transpo Guard in "The Killing" in 2011. Played Huge Doorman in "Rags" in 2012. Played Secret Service Agent in "Independence Daysaster" in 2013. Played Dev-Em in "Man of Steel" in 2013.

What is the birth name of Carrie Dufresne?

Carrie Dufresne's birth name is Carrie Kathryn Dufresne.

When was Wylie Dufresne born?

Arthur Dufresne was born in 1861.

When was John Dufresne born?

John Dufresne was born in 1948.

When did Gaston Dufresne die?

Gaston Dufresne died in 1998.

When was Gérard Dufresne born?

Gérard Dufresne was born in 1918.

When was Alexandre Dufresne born?

Alexandre Dufresne was born in 1818.

When did Arthur Dufresne die?

Arthur Dufresne died in 1933.

When was Louis Dufresne born?

Louis Dufresne was born in 1752.

When did Louis Dufresne die?

Louis Dufresne died in 1832.

When did Quinault-Dufresne die?

Quinault-Dufresne died in 1767.