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7 feet

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Q: How tall is Peter Garrett - lead singer from Midnight Oil?
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Who was the lead singer of midnight oil?

Peter Garrett

What is Peter Garrett best known for?

Peter Garrett is an Australian singer and musician. He is perhaps most well known for being the lead singer in the band "Midnight Oil". He has also served on the Australian parliament.

The vocalist of midnight oil?

Peter Garret was lead singer of Midnight Oil. He trained and worked as a lawyer before joining the band, and since its breakup, has been elected to the Australian Parliament.

What years what Peter Cetera lead singer for Chicago?

Peter Cetera was lead singer for Chicago from 1967 to 1985.

Who is the lead singer of Dexies Midnight Runners?

Kevin rowland ( dexy's midnight runners)

Is Peter Cetera the lead singer for Chicago?

No, Jason Sceff is the lead singer of the band Chicago. Peter Cetera was the former lead singer..more than 20 years ago.

Who is Peter gabrial?

the lead singer of Genesis

What peter Garrett thinks of the environment?

That depends upon his current job. When he was the lead singer for Midnight Oil, an environmentalist rock group, he raised many issues, and spoke out and sang loud in the support of his concerns and beliefs. Now as Federal Minister for the Environment, well, not so loud, and not much to say in support of his environmental values.>

Who sings Midnight Blue?

Lou Gramm, former lead singer of Foreigner.

Who was the former lead singer of the band genesis?

Peter Gabriel

Who left newsboys?

Their old lead singer Peter Fuller left and now their lead singer is Michael Tait from the old band DCTalk.

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Peter Gabriel, the former lead singer of Genesis.