How tall is Patrick Maupin?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Patrick Maupin is 6' 4".

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Q: How tall is Patrick Maupin?
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How tall is Jeremy Maupin?

Jeremy Maupin is 6'.

What are baseball player Harry Maupin's physical stats?

Harry Maupin is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs 150 pounds. He throws right.

What is the birth name of Cliff Maupin?

Cliff Maupin's birth name is Clifton Tarrence Maupin.

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Rex Maupin's birth name is Rex Arthur Maupin.

What is the birth name of Jeremy Maupin?

Jeremy Maupin's birth name is Jeremy Shawn Maupin.

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How tall is Patrick Breeding from B5

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Simon Maupin died in 1668.

When was Howard Maupin born?

Howard Maupin was born in 1815.

When did Howard Maupin die?

Howard Maupin died in 1878.

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What nicknames does Jeremy Maupin go by?

Jeremy Maupin goes by Jer.

Is Patrick Swayze tall?

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