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Owain Rhys Davies is 5' 7".

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Q: How tall is Owain Rhys Davies?
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When did Rhys ab Owain die?

Rhys ab Owain died in 1078.

What movie and television projects has Owain Rhys Davies been in?

Owain Rhys Davies has: Played Nico in "Cowbois Ac Injans" in 2006. Played Edward in "Videotapes" in 2009. Played Aled in "The Indian Doctor" in 2010. Played Smiley in "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" in 2011. Played Mr. Llewelyn in "Teulu Ty Crwn" in 2012.

When did Rhys Davies die?

Rhys Davies died in 1978.

What actors and actresses appeared in Videotapes - 2009?

The cast of Videotapes - 2009 includes: Victoria John as Sarah Michelle McTernan as Ms Davies Ieuan Morris as Blair Steve Northy as Blair Dean Rehman Owain Rhys Davies as Edward

Who is Rhys Davies?

Rhys Davies is a professional golfer. He currently plays on the PGA European Tour.

What is John Rhys-Davies's birthday?

John Rhys-Davies was born on May 5, 1944.

When was Rhys Davies - golfer - born?

Rhys Davies - golfer - was born on 1985-05-28.

When was John Rhys-Davies born?

John Rhys-Davies was born on May 5, 1944.

What has the author Rhys T Davies written?

Rhys T. Davies has written: 'The story of Henry Richard'

What is mr Morgan rhys davies?

mr Morgan rhys davies is a lovley little boy with eyes of a hippo!

How old is John Rhys-Davies?

John Rhys-Davies is 73 years old (birthdate: May 5, 1944).

What is the birth name of Margot Davies?

Margot Davies's birth name is Margaret Rhys Davies.