How tall is Mike Kellin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mike Kellin is 5' 11".

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Q: How tall is Mike Kellin?
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What is the birth name of Mike Kellin?

Mike Kellin's birth name is Myron Kellin.

When was Mike Kellin born?

Mike Kellin was born on April 26, 1922, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

When did Mike Kellin die?

Mike Kellin died on August 26, 1983, in Nyack, New York, USA of lung cancer.

How tall is kellin Quinn form ptv?

He has revealed in interviews that he is 5'8 tall.

How tall is Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens?

5'8" He said it in one of his interviews.

What is Kellin Quinn's real name?

Kellin Quinn Bostwick "Kellin Quinn" is his stage name,

What is the birth name of Kellin Johnson?

Kellin Johnson's birth name is Kellin Charles Erling Johnson.

Where was kellin born?

Kellin Quinn was born in Medford, Oregon.

What are kellin quinn's brothers names?

It is not known what Kellin Quinn's brother's names are. Kellin is the singer in the group, Sleeping with Sirens.

Why is kellin Quinn so hot?

because he's Kellin Quinn...

How old is Kellin Quinn?

Kellin Quinn is 31 years old (born on April 24, 1986).

How old is the lead singer of the band Sleeping With Sirens?

Kellin Quinn - Vocals Jesse Lawson - Guitar Jack Fowler - Guitar Gabe Barham - Drums Justin Hills - Bass