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Menik Gooneratne is 5' 3".

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Q: How tall is Menik Gooneratne?
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When was Menik Gooneratne born?

Menik Gooneratne was born on July 5, 1979, in London, England, UK.

What actors and actresses appeared in Noor - 2009?

The cast of Noor - 2009 includes: Salvatore Galofaro as British Interrogator Menik Gooneratne as Noor Sam Norbury as Young German Soldier Felicia Norton as Noor

What actors and actresses appeared in Hard Rubbish - 2010?

The cast of Hard Rubbish - 2010 includes: Tiffany Davis as Cynthia Kanhai Desai as Nilesh Menik Gooneratne as Rani Simon Mallory as Adam Luke Stephens as Tom

When was Brendon Gooneratne born?

Brendon Gooneratne was born in 1938.

What movie and television projects has Menik Gooneratne been in?

Menik Gooneratne has: Played Priya Kapoor in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Shanti Pandya in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Herself - Guest Panelist in "The Wright Stuff" in 2000. Played Gita in "MDA" in 2002. Played Receptionist in "MDA" in 2002. Played Waitress in "Last Man Standing" in 2005. Played Nareen in "Underbelly" in 2008. Played FRU Officer in "Underbelly" in 2008. Played Noor in "Noor" in 2009. Played Woman with Baby in "Knowing" in 2009. Played Rani in "Hard Rubbish" in 2010. Played Marnie in "House Husbands" in 2012.

What has the author Brendon Gooneratne written?

Brendon Gooneratne has written: 'The epic struggle of the kingdom of Kandy and its relevance to modern Indo-Sri Lankan relations' -- subject(s): History

What are the rivers of Sri Lanka?

Mahawali, Kalu, Kelani, Walawe and Menik.

What actors and actresses appeared in Biththi Hathara - 1982?

The cast of Biththi Hathara - 1982 includes: Vasanthi Chathurani Menik Kurukulasooriya Swarna Mallawarachchi Rohan Weliwita

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