How tall is Max Helyer?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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hi you me at six is one of ma fave bands.....nd i LOVE Max helyer out of them.....does anybody no MAx helyer hight???

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about six foot, i think (:

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Max Michael Helyer

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Q: How tall is Max Helyer?
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What is Max Helyer from You Me At Six's full name?

Max Helyer is his full name.

What colour eyes does max helyer have?

Max Helyer has brown eyes :)

How old is Max Helyer?

UK guitarist Max Helyer is 27 years old (birthdate March 6, 1991).

When is Max Helyer Birthday?

Max Helyer's birthday is on the 6th of march 1991!<3

Where does Max Helyer come from?


Does max helyer smoke?

yes he does

Who sings backup in 'You Me at Six'?

Max Helyer:)

When was max helyer born?

He was born March 6th

Where did max helyer go to school?

Salesians Chertsey

Is Max from Youmeatsix called Max Helyer?

Yes he is, he his a funny little brat

Dose max helyer have a girlfriend?

Sorry.It's Sam Dillon :)

What are the names of the members from you me at six?

Matt Barnes, Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Dan Flint and Chris Miller