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Linda Hunt's height is 4 ft 9 in (145 cm)

US Actress from The Year of Living Dangerously, Space Rangers. She's listed in Guiness records as shortest 'leading' actress alive at 4ft 9, whatever that means.

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4feet 3

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Q: How tall is Linda Hunt who plays Hetty on NCIS LA?
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Who plays Hetty on NCIS Los Angeles?

Linda Hunt.

How old is Hetty on NCIS Los Angles?

Actress Linda Hunt plays the role of Hetty. Her characters name is Henrietta "Hetty" Lang. she is 66 years old in real life. Her Character as per the NCIS LA show was born in 1948 which would make her 69 years of age for the character.

What kind of tea service does linda hunt use as hetty on ncis la?

It looks like Royal Doulton's Olde Country Roses.

What happened to Mace in NCIS LA?

Agent Macey's character was replaced by Linda Hunt's character Henrietta "Hetty" Lange. The character also met her end when her corpse was discovered and Gibbs and team took the lead to investigate the case in one of the original NCIS episodes in Season 7.

Who replaced Kate on NCIS?

It has been confirmed that Linda Hunt's character Hetty is leaving the show. This saddens many fans but rumor has it that Claire Forlani (Peyton Driscoll - CSI:NY) may be filling her spot on NCIS Los Angeles.

Is linda hunt leaving NCIS Los Angeles?

It has been rumored that Linda Hunt's character, Heddi, is leaving the show. No details are known.

Who is Hettie on NCIS?

Hetty is the Operations Manager at NCIS in Los Angeles.

What is Linda Hunt famous for?

Linda Hunt is an actress. She is currently playing Henrietta Lange on NCIS: Los Angeles. She has also performed roles in movies such as Kindergarten Cop, Silverado, The Bostonians, and Stranger Than Fiction.

Who stars in ncis los angles?

Chris O'Donnell who plays Special Agent G. Callen, LL Cool J who plays Special Agent Sam Hanna, Peter Cambor who plays Nate Getz, Daniela Ruah who plays Special Agent Kensi Blye, Adam Jamal Craig who plays Special Agent Dominic Vaile, Linda Hunt who plays Hetty, Barrott Foa who plays Eric Beal, and occasionally Rocky Carroll who plays Director Leon Vance

Is hetty from NCIS la a ninja?

If she told you she would have to kill you

Will heedy be back on ncis Los Angeles?

Yes, hetty will be back

Is there an actress on NCIS with turner syndrome?

No, there is no known actress with Turner syndrome on NCIS. Turner syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects females, resulting in various physical and developmental differences.