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Lester Archambeau is 6' 5".

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Q: How tall is Lester Archambeau?
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What is the birth name of Lester Archambeau?

Lester Archambeau's birth name is Lester Milward Archambeau III.

When was Lester Archambeau born?

Lester Archambeau was born on June 27, 1967, in Montville, New Jersey, USA.

How tall is Chelsi Archambeau?

Chelsi Archambeau is 5' 4".

Did lester archambeau win a Super Bowl medal?

No. Archambeau did play in Super Bowl XXXIII as a starting defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons lost that Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos, 34-19.

When was Robert Archambeau born?

Robert Archambeau was born in 1933.

What nicknames does Chelsi Archambeau go by?

Chelsi Archambeau goes by Chelsi Anne.

How tall is Lester Koenig?

Lester Koenig is 6'.

How tall is Lester Matthews?

Lester Matthews is 6'.

How tall is Lester Hayes?

Lester Hayes is 6'.

How tall is Lester Holmes?

Lester Holmes is 6' 4".

How tall is Lester Patrick?

Lester Patrick is 6' 1".

How tall is Eleese Lester?

Eleese Lester is 5' 8".