How tall is Gollum?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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My bet is about one meter (95-100 cm) no taller but I could be wrong. long-limbed slender figure makes him illude that he is taller than Sam and Frodo but not is my opinion.

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Dwalin: 1,50m (or 4'11'')

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Q: How tall is Gollum?
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What is Bilbo and Gollum's game?

Bilbo said, talking to himself, "what have i got in my pocket?" (it was the Ring). Gollum thought it was a riddle and Bilbo decided to make it one. he gave Gollum three chances to guess and gollum lost after four. then gollum went "to get something" (it was the ring), and Bilbo thought he was abandoned and left with the ring on. Gollum thought Bilbo knew the way out and he wanted to follow him, realizing Bilbo had the ring. Bilbo saw Gollum racing towards the gate and followed him to safety.

How did Frodo realize that Gollum was Smeagol and what does Smeagol or Gollum respond to that?

Frodo already knew that Gollum was Smeagol because Gandalf told him earlier in the Fellowship of the Ring. When Gollum hears his old name, he realizes who he really is and that his master Frodo is the one who takes care of him now and no longer needs "Gollum".

Is gollum in the hobbit a snake?

Gollum is a Close relative to the hobbits who gets changed by the influence of the ring.

What race was gollum?

He is of the hobbit race.

Who played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings?

Andy Serkis was the voice of Gollum. They used many of his facial features and expressions and movements for the animated Gollum.Andy Serkis voiced Gollum and acted the part of Smeagol when he kills his friend Deagol. The facial features of Gollum are loosely based on those of Serkis, and the body movements of Gollum were created in such a way that they would match the voice and sounds that Serkis had him make. (Something that I found interesting is that Serkis based many of Gollum's sounds on those made by his pet cat.)Gollum (Smeagol) was played by Andy Serkis in the films and will also be played by him in the up and coming 'Hobbit' films