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Charles Vick Duncan is 6' 1".

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Q: How tall is Charles Vick Duncan?
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What is the birth name of Charles Vick Duncan?

Charles Vick Duncan's birth name is John Charles Duncan.

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Charles Vick Duncan has: Played As self in "The Runaways" in 2007. Played Duke , Gimp , Mustache Band Guy in "Skum Quixote" in 2012. Played Themselves in "Vicks Vacation Dayton Style" in 2012. Played himself in "Bath Salts the Musical" in 2012. Played himself in "Dungeon Brigade" in 2012. Played Hearste in "Nazi Apocalypse" in 2012. Played Vinnie in "Gutter Punk Massacre" in 2014.

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