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Barbara Anne Klein is 5' 5".

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Q: How tall is Barbara Anne Klein?
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What nicknames does Barbara Anne Klein go by?

Barbara Anne Klein goes by StuntBarbie, and Barbie.

When was Anne Klein created?

Anne C. Klein was born in 1947.

Is anne klein related to Calvin Klein?

According to other sources, Anne Klein is in fact, not related to Calvin Klein. Contrary to popular belief, Anne Klein is not, Calvin's daughter. Calvin is in fact younger then the deceased Anne. Anne died in '74 of breast cancer. Calvin is still alive.

What has the author Halina Barbara Klein written?

Halina Barbara Klein has written: 'Tulips' -- subject(s): Translations into English

What can one buy from the shop of AK Anne Klein?

One can purchase women's clothing and shoes from the shop AK Anne Klein. The shops specifically carry products by Anne Klein and include women's sportswear.

Is AK Anne Klein Women's Automatic watches for real?

Is AK Anne Klein Women's Automatic watches for real?

Compare Armani ladies watch to anne klein watch?

Armani's are mostly thicker than Anne Klein's. Anne Klein has colours mixed in with silver and Armani watches are usually silver. BTW im 11

Where can you get additional watch links for an Anne Klein watch?

I got an anne klein watch and I need a couple watch links, how do I go about getting the links. I took it back to Macy,s and they said to get in touch with the Anne klein Company.

What is the average price of an Anne Klein handbag?

Although they can be bought for as low as $30 or as high as $350, the average price of an Anne Klein handbag is about $80.

How tall is Allen Klein?

Allen Klein is 5' 6".

How tall is Brendan Klein?

Brendan Klein is 5' 11".

How tall is Christine Klein?

Christine Klein is 169 cm.