How tall is Alexander Mrazek?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alexander Mrazek is 6' 5".

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Q: How tall is Alexander Mrazek?
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What is the birth name of Alexander Mrazek?

Alexander Mrazek's birth name is Alexander Darius Mrazek.

How tall is Aldrin Mrazek?

Aldrin Mrazek is 5' 5 1/2".

How tall is Petr Mrazek?

NHL player Petr Mrazek is 6'-01''.

When was Jaroslav Mrazek born?

Jaroslav Mrazek was born on 1986-01-14.

When was Jerome Mrazek born?

Jerome Mrazek was born on 1951-10-15.

When was Robert J. Mrazek born?

Robert J. Mrazek was born on 1945-11-06.

What position does Petr Mrazek play?

Petr Mrazek plays goalie for the Detroit Red Wings.

Where was Petr Mrazek born?

Petr Mrazek was born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia on 02-14-92.

Does Petr Mrazek shoot right or left?

NHL player Petr Mrazek shoots left.

How much does Petr Mrazek weigh?

NHL player Petr Mrazek weighs 187 pounds.

What NHL team does Petr Mrazek play for?

Petr Mrazek plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

What is Petr Mrazek's number on the Detroit Red Wings?

Petr Mrazek is number 34 on the Detroit Red Wings.