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Sreenivasan and Vineethsreenivasan belong to Thiyya (Ezhavas of Malabar) community of Kannoore.

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Q: How sreenivasan and vineeth sreenivasan belongs to ezhava community?
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Does Ajay Jadeja Cricketer belongs to ezhava community?

Partly. In fact, his mother hails from an Ezhava family of Kerala.

Is congress candidate from chalakudy KP Dhanapalan belongs to ezhava community?


Is ezhava community is considered as OBC out of kerala?

No Ezhava community is considered as OBC by any other State.

Sujatha mohan belongs to which caste?


What caste does samvritha sunil belongs to?

samvritha sunil belongs to an ezhava family from kannur

What cast does namitha pramod belongs to?

either nair or ezhava

What caste does rima kallingal belongs to?

She is from an ezhava family, in thrissur.

Does kavya madhavan belongs to this list?

Kavya Madhavan, Film actor Raghavan and his son Jishnu belongs to the Saliya community , traditionally engaged in weaving of North Malabar and not belongs to the dominant Thiyya/Ezhava community of the area. Please verify your list of eminent Thiyyas/Ezhavas and confirm the other names also

Which is the first ezhava newspaper?

The first Ezhava newspaper was "Swadeshabhimani" which was started by Dr. Palpu and Kumaran Asan in 1905. It played a significant role in promoting social reform and advocating for the rights of the Ezhava community in Kerala.

Does kavya madhavan belongs to saliya community?

Usually ayurvedic physicians , weavers and warriors in olden days were supposed to belong to ezhava/thiyya community.well we do not know how weavers were got changed to to a particular class of people called 'saliya' community called 'pilla'[not pillai of nair community];a very strange transformation.this pilla does not belong to nair community.

What is ezhava caste Into which of the four varnas it comes under?

ezhava comes under the of the varnas

What caste rima kallingal?

Hindu ezhava