How old was aunjhane booi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was only 13 years old.

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Q: How old was aunjhane booi?
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When was Litha Booi born?

Litha Booi was born on August 30, 1985, in South Africa.

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What movie and television projects has Litha Booi been in?

Litha Booi has: Played Prisoner in "Elalini" in 2005. Played Pembroke in "The Raven" in 2007. Played Andile Mcilongo in "uGugu no Andile" in 2008. Played Andile Mcilongo in "Gugu and Andile" in 2009. Played Vuka in "In a Time Without Love" in 2010. Played PK in "Dream World" in 2012.

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If you don't want the value to decrease your relationship improve physical activity with each other. Also give her a real kiss big booi ;)

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no, shes fillipinoyeaa booi asains ROCK !

When did Vuyisile Bojana die?

Vuyisile Bojana died on January 24, 2005, in South Africa of asthma and heart disease.

What is lone in Japanese?

ウルフボーイ /u ru fu booi/.[oo = elongated 'o' sound]

What actors and actresses appeared in In a Time Without Love - 2010?

The cast of In a Time Without Love - 2010 includes: Litha Booi as Vuka James Borthwick as Sgt Wallace Ricardo Ferriera as Doctor Jerry Mofokeng as Old Vuka Miranda Mokhele as Thando Jonathan Pienaar as Nikolai Sibane Pinda as Young Vuka Nic Rasenti as Francois Tessa van Duuren as Carmen

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What does sweetheart mean in japanese?

恋人 (koibito) or ボーイ[ガール]フレンド (booi/gaaru furendo) would be the most appropriate terms in Japanese for "Sweetheart".

What actors and actresses appeared in The Raven - 2007?

The cast of The Raven - 2007 includes: Rick Armando as Roderick Litha Booi as Pembroke Ivan Botha as Greg Traverse Le Goff as Drake Joy Lucelle De Gee as Helen Justin Mancer as Bicksley Justin McGibbon as Terrance Graeme Richards as Chandler Colin Sutcliffe as Whitmore Andre Velts as Danny Nicholas Wickstrom as Stone

What actors and actresses appeared in Gugu and Andile - 2009?

The cast of Gugu and Andile - 2009 includes: Litha Booi as Andile Mcilongo Lungelo Dhladhla as Gugu Dlamini Jabulani Hadebe as Mandla Dlamini Harriet Lenabe as Busi Dlamini Mac Mathunjwa as Bishop Mbengashe Thandy Matlaila as Patricia Luzuko Nkqeto as Bullet Koketso Paulus as Yonela Mcilongo Siyabonga Radebe as Bheki Zolisa Xaluva as Khutso