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24years old

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2009-05-02 10:30:28
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Q: How old was Randy Orton when he won his first title belt?
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In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

How old was Randy Orton when he became the youngest person to ever hold the world heavy weight championship?

Randy Orton at the age of 24 was the youngest person to hold a title belt in the WWE. That title belt just happen to be the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Who is the worlds best wrestler?

It might be Randy Orton because he has the title belt but it could also be The Undertaker.

How heavy is the WWE title replica belt?

There's a video on YouTube of Randy Orton talking to these 2 kids, and the kids asked Randy, "How heavy is the WWE Title?" Randy said that it's about 40 pounds.

What year did Randy Orton win his first WWE belt?

he won his first title back in 2003... the intercontinental championship he defeated Rob Van Dam...12-14-03

Who did cena deafet to win the belt?

Randy Orton on October 28,2009

In WWE who is the youngest person to win a title?

Randy Orton who won the world Heavyweight Belt beating chris benoit at summerslam August 2005.

Who won the WWE championship belt at No Way Out 2008?

John Cena won by disqualifacation (DQ), but since he won by disqualifacation (DQ), Randy Orton keeps the title. Orton slapped the referee on perpous to disqualify himself so that he can retain his title.

How many times did rey mysterio win a belt?

2 times is all i know 1 belt: world title at wrestlemania 21 vs randy orton 1 belt: intercotinital title at night of champions 2009 vs CM punk

How many times did Randy Orton win the WWE champion belt?


Who got fired from raw john cena or Randy Orton?

neither one cena won the belt

How many times has Randy Orton won a championship belt?

seven times after wrestle mania 25

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