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I believe Michael was 38.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-28 21:30:41
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Q: How old was Michael Jackson when his wife had their first child?
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What is the name of Michael Jackson's first wife?

Lisa Marie Presley... the only child of Elvis Presley

Where did Michael Jackson meet his second wife?

Michael Jackson met his second wife, Deborah (Debbie) Rowe, at his dermatologist's office. She was a nurse there. They had met in the 80's and married on November 15, 1996. She was 6 months pregnant with their first child, Prince Michael Jackson l.

Who was Michael Jackson's first wife?

Lisa Marie Presley

Which of Michael Jackson's three kids are from his first wife?

None of them.

Where did Michael's first child come from?

From Michael and his then wife Debbie Rowe.

What is the name of Michael Jackson's 3rd wife?

Michael had no third wife.

Did michael jackson have a secret wife?

Michael Jackson did not have a secret wife. He was publicly married to Lisa Marie Presley. Michael's second wife was Debbie Rowe.

What was the name of Michael Jackson's ex-wife?

First wife; Lisa Marie Presley and second wife; Debbie Rowe.

Who is the mother of Michael Jackson's first two children?

His second wife Debbie Rowe.

Did Michael Jackson like brunettes?

His first wife: Lisa Marie Presley was a brunette!

If Katherine Jackson has Michael's kids what is Michael's wife doing?

Michael didn't have a wife when he died, his ex-wife and mother of his first two children has visitation rights, but that's as far as her involvement goes.

Who is the mother of Michael Jackson's children?

Debbie Rowe, Michael's second wife, is the mother of his first two children. He named their two children after himself - Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Prince) and Paris-Michael Katherine. His third child, Prince Michael II, was born to a mystery surrogate mother he never even met.

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