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Died in 1213BC at the age of 90.

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Q: How old was Imhotep when he died?
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How did Imhotep die?

he died in a tome

Was imhotep a god or a goddess?

Neither. Imhotep was a man

When was Imhotep - character - created?

Imhotep - character - was created in 1932.

Where is Imhotep now?

Imhotep's tomb has not yet been discovered.

Did Imhotep have children?

how many kids did imhotep have

When was Edward Jones-Imhotep born?

Edward Jones-Imhotep was born in 1972.

What nicknames does Imhotep Coleman go by?

Imhotep Coleman goes by Hotep, and Tep.

Who was the man who designed the first pyramid?

The architect Imhotep built Egypt's first step pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser, for the Pharaoh Djoser. Imhotep was his vizier.

What is Imhotep god of?

Imhotep was the Egyptian god of Healing and Medicine. In his lifetime he was physician to the Pharaoh.

Did imhotep have a wife?

Imhotep was an Egyptian who worked closely with the pharaoh Djoser. There is no information on whether he had a wife or not.

Is Imhotep a rap singer or a rap group?

Imhotep is not a rap singer or a rap group. Imhotep is a scientist and claims to be a multi-genius. Which means he is a genius in more that one field of study.

Did imhotep design the 1st pyramid?

He did not design the first pyramid. Imhotep designed the first Step Pyramid.