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she is now 15! time flew by so quickly!! 1997-2012 wow

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Q: How old is the sun baby from the teletubbies in 2012?
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How old is the Tellytubbies baby?

The Sun Baby, also known of Jessica Smith, was under one year of age when she premiered on Teletubbies in 1997.

Who plays the baby in the sun on Teletubbies?

The baby in the sun was played by a girl named Jessica Smith. She was seven months old when she played that role. Her giggle was used in the Teletubbie record "Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh!" She was also the youngest person ever to participate in a UK #1.

What happened to the sun baby in teletubbies?

Nothing happened to the sun baby. The sun baby was played by Jessica Smith. Jessica went on to become a successful actress until she was arrested in 2009 for a DUI. The Teletubbies just stopped producing episodes in 2001 after 4 years. If your wondering why, its because the creators of Teletubbies was forced to choose between either Teletubbies or Boohbah, another BBC show. Boohbah won the decision, so Teletubbies stopped airing. It aired on PBS Kids until June 2005. Although Boohbah was not a successful show either and only made it through 2 years of production, both of the British shows can be watched in your area. It is not available in most areas.

What is the sun on Teletubbies called?

It is just called 'The Sun' in the show, but the child who played it is named Jessica Smith, she was seven months old at the time.

Does the sun have a name in the show the Teletubbies?

Jessica Smith

Why were the teletubbies cancelled?

Answers:1. Views went down supposedly.2. The baby whom played the sun was getting to old.pedophile_although_it_is_a_Chinese_woman_who_is_in_many_other_films_and_t.v_shows.">3. There was too many rumors about them e.g 'Tinkywinky' was gay, 'Po' was a pedophile although it is a Chinese woman who is in many other films and t.v shows.4. The show was getting old.5. Some of their "words" were swears backwards!

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