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Best guess is 15.

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Q: How old is the boy who plays Justin bieber in the key of awesome on you tube?
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Justin Bieber face fake is?

go on Justin bieber fake face on you tube

How did Justin Bieber get so popular?

From you-tube

Where did Justin bieber become famous?

you tube

How many singers were discovered on You Tube?

justin bieber

Who met Justin Bieber usher or ludacris?

usher met Justin Bieber on you-tube when he sung the song with out you by Chris brown.

Why is Justin Bieber called kidraulh?

this was his original you tube channel

When was Justin Bieber found?

he was found on you tube by ushers manager

Which of Justin Bieber's songs has max viewers on You Tube?


Who was viewed a billion times on you tube?

NigaHiga and Justin Bieber

Where can you find the video of Justin Bieber and the crazy obsessed teacher?

You can find the video of Justin Bieber and the crazy obsessed teacher on you tube.

Does Justin Bieber go out with a girl named Miranda?

no. she was just a friend when Justin was in school you can look it up you tube write Justin Bieber's school friends

Does Justin Bieber dance good?

Yes Justin bieber dances good go on some you-tube Chanel's and see the way he dances.