How old is mr nickel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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too old

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Q: How old is mr nickel?
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What is called Old Nick's copper?

"Old Nick's copper" is a colloquial term for a counterfeit coin, usually made by coating a base metal with a thin layer of copper to make it appear more valuable than it actually is. The term is derived from "Old Nick," which is a slang term for the devil, suggesting that these coins are deceptive in nature.

How old is nickel back?

he is 32 years old if i am rigth

What was the animal that was on the really old nickel?

A buffalo

What is the origin name for the element nickel?

the origin is German nickel ;Satan or old nick, also from kupfernick€:old nick copper or devis copper :)

What actors and actresses appeared in A Plugged Nickel - 1915?

The cast of A Plugged Nickel - 1915 includes: Lila Chester as Lila Christopher - Wife Boyd Marshall as Mr. Christopher

Is mr smee old?

Mr smee is at least 90 years old

When did Old Mr. Boston end?

Old Mr. Boston ended in 1986.

I cannot find Mr.Krab's Nickel in SpongeBob SquarePants the yellow avenger?

It is in Mr. Krabs' back pocket.

Famous figure on the us nickel?

Mr. Thomas Jefferson the 3rd president of the United States of America

How old is Mr L?

Older then Mr K and younger then Mr M

How old is Mr. Bean?

he looks like about 36 years old

Is a nickel pretty old if the date on it is 1980?

As of 2013, the coin is 33 years old, which is not very old for a coin.