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When we first meet Misa Amane she is 19...

However in the later episodes she is 26

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Q: How old is misa from death note?
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How old is misa in Death Note?

Misa was 19 at the start of the series and 26 when it ended.

Is misa from Death Note a punk Lolita?

Misa is a Gothic Lolita .

Who is the heroine in Death Note?

Misa amane?

Who will play misa in American Death Note?

The actress for the role of Misa Amane has not been announced .

How old are the characters in Death Note?

Ryuzaki - 18,19, or 20 Light ( Kira )- 17 Misa- 16,17, or 18

What is Misa's last name from Death Note?

I think it's Misa Amane but it doesn't say in the anime.

Who is the actress of misa amane of the movie death note?

Erika Toda

Who is misa from death note?

She is the second Kira and falls in love with Light.

Who plays misa amane in the human death note?

Erika Toda .

Who is the second kira in death note?

Misa Amane and Teru Mikami

Who is the girl that's all over light in death note?

Misa Amane (弥 海砂 Amane Misa)

When does Light meet Misa?

He means the other person that began using a Death Note to kill criminals, i.e. Misa.