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Mirage's age is never clearly stated in the movie, however she seems to be younger than Mr. Incredible but much older than Violet, so I think early to mid thirty's is a good estimate.

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Q: How old is mirage from The Incredibles?
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What special power does Mirage from The Incredibles have?

Mirage does not have any "superpowers." She had assissted Syndrome, who didn't have "powers" either, in killing real "superheroes" though.

How old is dash parr out of The Incredibles?

I think he is nine years old.

How old is elastigirl in The Incredibles?

He is between the age of 1 and 2 in the Incredibles movie (2004).

How old is dash from incredibles?

he is 8 years old he's in year three.

How old is Violet in incredibles?

Violet is fourteen years old who is in fact in 8th grade.

What Pixar esque animated movie or short involves a woman who looks like the character Mirage from The Incredibles turning into a giant on her wedding day?

Monsters vs. Aliens. By Dreamworks/Paramounts.

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How old is dash parr from The Incredibles?

8-10. He is in the fifth grade.

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Who is the antagonist in the incredibles?

His name is Buddy, AKA - Syndrome. Also there are the secondary villains, Mirage, Omnidroid, Gilbert Huph, Bomb Voyage, and the Underminer.

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