How old is lockie Leonard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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poo years old

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Q: How old is lockie Leonard?
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How many books are in the lockie Leonard series?

Three. Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo, Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster, and Lockie Leonard: Legend.

How many Lockie Leonard books are there?

There are three books in the Lockie Leonard series written by Tim Winton: "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo," "Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster," and "Lockie Leonard, Legend."

How old is Phillip in Lockie Leonard Human torpedo?


Do you love lockie?

Everyone likes Lockie Leonard

What are the ratings and certificates for Lockie Leonard - 2007?

Lockie Leonard - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G (some episodes) Australia:PG (some episodes)

Do you love lockie Leonard Vicki?

it does kind of say in the last couple of chapters in the book that vicki does love lockie Leonard but in the end she dumps him for the boogans

How old is Gracie Gilbert from Lockie Leonard?

Gracie Gilbert is 19 years old, born on October 20, 1992.

What is Lockie's real first name in Lockie Leonard?

I think you'll find that his name is Louis Bernstein.

Is lockie Leonard 's dad is a cop?


Who plays Vicki in lockie Leonard?

Grace Gilbert

Why did Lockie Leonard and Vicki Streeton break up?

they didn't

What is a favourite quote that Lockie Leonard?

Ur time has come