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He's About 23Years Old.

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Q: How old is lil tweety the rapper singer?
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How old is lil tweety?

About 23Years Old..

Who is Lil'CoreyofTSboyz?

He's a rapper from Tampa fl he is with the group teamswaggboyz and no this is not lil Corey the old singer this is a rapper...very popular on the internet

How old is lil ezzy?

Rapper lil ezzy is 31 year old

How old is male rapper lil cuete?

about 23

How old is twista the rapper?

Lil Twist is 16 years old

How old is Lil Niqo?

Young rapper Lil Niqo is 18 years old (born November 23, 1999).

How old the singer lil sam that is from the MySpace page?

lil sam is 9

Who is the singer chipmunk?

His a 19 year old singer/rapper. Look him up on the internet :)

Who is LIL D-HOOD?

A 14 year old rapper from the Bronx and he is sexy!

How old is Lil B?

US rapper Lil B (Brandon McCartney, aka The BasedGod) is 28 years old (birthdate: August 17, 1989).

How old is Lil Debbie?

US rapper and fashion designer Jordan Capozzi, aka Lil Debbie, is 27 years old (born February 2, 1990).

How old is rapper lil reese?

He's 17 Because OF Chief Keef Age and Their Twins