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yes he has been with the band since the start, beginning with last resort. he used to be fat, and now he looks like a rockstar.

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His birthday is on July 28th of 1976.

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Q: How old is jacoby the lead singer for papa roach?
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Papa roach how old is the lead singer in 2010?

As of July 28, Jacoby Shaddix will be 34.

Who sings broken home by papa roach?

Papa roach singer Jacoby Dakota Shaddix

Who wrote the lyrics for the Papa Roach song 'Scars'?

The song 'Scars' by Papa Roach was written by the lead singer. The lead singer's name is Jacoby Shaddix. He wrote the song after he was rushed to a hospital in Las Vegas.

What is the lead singers name of papa roach?

Jacoby Shaddix

What is the name of the main singer group papa roach?

Jacoby Shaddix

Is Jacoby Shaddix emo?

Jacoby Shaddix the lead singer in Papa Roach went through a period in his life where he was suicidal. This does not automatically make him emo. If you are reffering to his music style two songs are supposedly emo this is scars and forever. Papa Roach is NOT emo!

Where did papa roach get their name?

Jacoby's grandfather's name was William Roach and they called him Papa Roach. He died and Jacoby decided to name the band Papa roach after his grandfather.

Is Matthew Sanders the lead singer from Avenged Sevenfold the brother of Jacoby from Papa Roach?

No, they aren't brothers. They aren't related in any way.

Who are the band membes of papa roach?

Jacoby Shaddix (singer) Tony Palermo (drummer) Tobin Esperance (bass) Jerry Horton (lead guitar)

What is jacoby shaddix's real name?

Jacoby Dakota Shaddix. He went by a few stage names though..Coby dick john Doe and johnny vodka

What band does jacoby shaddix play for?

Papa Roach

Who writes the songs for papa roach?

jacoby shaddix