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about 6-years-old

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Q: How old is hope turner in down gilead lane?
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When was Lane Turner born?

Lane Turner was born in 1967.

What actors and actresses appeared in Down Memory Lane - 2008?

The cast of Down Memory Lane - 2008 includes: Amanda Turner as Maggie Dawn Vivenzio

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What has the author Mary Turner Lane written?

Mary Turner Lane has written: 'A structure for population education' -- subject(s): Population, Study and teaching

When was Down Drury Lane to Memory Lane created?

Down Drury Lane to Memory Lane was created in 101.

What is Stu from scream the movie address?

If you mean his address in the movie its: 261 Turner Lane

When was Swingin' Down the Lane created?

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What movie and television projects has Amanda Turner been in?

Amanda Turner has: Played Fight Performer in "Gladiatrix" in 2001. Played Vixen in "The Sorority" in 2006. Played Hospital Staff in "Mystery ER" in 2007. Played Maggie in "Down Memory Lane" in 2008. Played Character ensemble in "Big Bother" in 2009.