How old is gin ichimaru?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gin was a young boy in Soul Society during the Turn Back the Pendulum gaiden, set 110 years before the current storyline. He is therefore over 110 years old. In appearance, however, he seems to be a young man.

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Q: How old is gin ichimaru?
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Who would win in a fight-Gin Ichimaru or Grimjow Jaggerjack?

ichimaru for the skills

Where is gin ichimaru?

He's Dead

Who is the captain of squad 3?

Gin ichimaru

What squad was gin ichimaru from?

squad 3

Is izuru kira the son of gin ichimaru?

No, Izuru Kira is not Gin Ichimaru's son. Kira's parents died when he was very young. He was in the 5th division squad until Gin Ichimaru became the captain of squad 3. The only relashionship they had was captain and lieutenant. Hope I helped!

Did Gin Ichimaru kill aisen and take over him?


What district is Gin Ichimaru from?

Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto both originate from the 64th district. It is also called the North Alley of Wandering Spirits, and it is the 14th most dangerous region.

What is Gin's last name in Bleach?

It's Gin Ishikawa after Aizen Killed him.. Lived in Karkura town as a Human

Is gin ichimaru a hollow?

No. He, along with Kaname Tosen and Sosuke Aizen are all former Shinigami.

Hold old is Toshirou Hitsugaya and what episode does it show how old he really is?

In human years 13-14 im not sure how maney in shinigami years. hes about 120 130i love gin ichimaru

How do you get Ulquiorra in Bleach Shattered Blade?

to get ulquirra you need to clear arcade mode with tousen kaname and ichimaru gin. hope this helps you:)

How do you pronounce 'Gin Ichimaru'?

Gin Ichimaru can be broken into three different parts, each by syllable. In Japanese, Gin means silver. This most likely refers to his hair color. Ichimaru can be translated in many different ways. Ichi means one and maru can mean festival, man, ring, or circle. It can also mean the Japanese name for a circle, which used to mean correct. The most likely definition is Silver One-man, because Gin is the only man in the series Bleach with silver hair.