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Duncan from total drama island is 17. He went to jail several times and he likes Courtney from total drama island.

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Q: How old is duncan on total drama island?
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Will they bring back the old cast from total drama island when Total Drama Revenge of the Island is over?

all i know is that Harold will be in reloaded

How is Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action different?

Total Drama Island is filmed with 21 campers for $10,000 ([) on an old summer camp (Camp Wahwahnakwa), and Total Drama Action has about half the amount of campers, for $1,000,000, and is filmed on an old movie set. Total Drama Action will have movie themes, while Total Drama Island just had random challenges. -Carla520

Will any of the old contestants from total drama world tour be in total drama reloaded?

Only either Duncan or Harold will be in Total Drama Reloaded, but no news yet. However, it is a strong chance that Harold is going to be in Total Drama Reloaded. Also, all of the contestants will be in the finale. Also, it is confirmed that Camp Wawanakwa is radioactive and all the original characters will help with the challenges before the island blows up, but either Harold or Duncan will compete.

Is Trent from total drama island 13?

No. All of the competitors are 16-years old.

What are the release dates for Total Drama Island - 2007 Old vs- New 5-2 SUSPENDED?

Total Drama Island - 2007 Old vs- New 5-2 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 4 October 2012

How old are the contestants in Total Drama Island?

it doesn't matter how old you are, the show is rated PG which stands for Parental Guidance which means you have to ask your parents. Me and my little sister watch it (I'm 12 and she's 9) and some of it's inappropriate but over all it's fine.

How old is Gwen from the bachelor pad?

Well, she is 18. Total drama island all the contestants are 16. If one year later is total drama action all the contestants are 17. one year later is total drama world tour, so that means they are all 18. So there you go.

How old is Courtney from total drama action?

she is 16

What is Total Drama Island?

Total Drama Island is is a cartoon which first aired on a Canadian channel called Teletoon in 2007. The next year, it aired on a channel called Cartoon Network. They are making a new season called "Total Drama Action" that aired in early 2009 for Canadians, and summer 2009 for Americans. Total Drama Island is about 22 16 year old's who signed up to what they thought was a luxurious place but turned out to be a crappy summer camp. It's rated PG and contains words like "Crap, crappy, or frickin" used once or twice, but Cartoon Network censors the words and replacing them with words l like lame-o, stupid, etc. It also involves making out and kissing. (mostly making out) Unfortunately, Total Drama Island has ended, but the good thing is that Total Drama Action is still airing! TDI is based on "Survivor", a REAL, live-action reality show that airs on "ABC" I think. There is romance, comedy, action, tragedy, and betray in the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Total.....Drama....Island!

Will they bring back the old cast from total drama island?

i hope so but i dont know but if we go to freshtv .com we can all write letters and bring them back if not

When will total drama come back?

after every aftermath in Canada they show every episode after from then to the aftermath.(it will air after 6 weeks after the aftermath)

Who are the returning characters in total drama reloaded?

Old Contestants Return! Hey, guys! I have terriffic news! Old contestants will be returning! I'm sad because, Izzy, won't be returing. Neither will Alejandro, Katie, Sadie, and a few others. Beth, Duncan, Tyler, Lindsay, gwen, Owen, and more will be reterning.