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DJ Blend, stylized DJ BL3ND (real name unpublished) is 24 years old (born November 3, 1993).

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kezzy k - he was yo 25 ..,

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he around 18 or 20 somethink like that

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Q: How old is carlos Jimenez or dj blend?
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Who is dj bl3nd?

Carlos jimenez

What is DJ BL3ND's real name?

Carlos Jimenez, I'm pretty sure.

How old is dj blend in 2012?

real answer : dj blend in 2012 will be 18 years old. started his career as a dj : 14 years old.

What is NO DJ?

dj blend

Is DJ Blend black?

Yes, DJ Blend is African-American.

When was Carlos - DJ - born?

Carlos - DJ - was born in 1966.

What does DJ Blend do for a living?

Well, his name is sort of self explanatory. DJ Blend is a DJ (disc jockey).

When did dj blend form?

Dj blend started mixing in 2010 back in march

Is dj blend a girl?


Is dj blend cute?


Is dj blend Mexican?


What race is dj blend?