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Q: How old is billy bibbit in cuckoos nest?
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How old are the Stepford Cuckoos?


Why do cuckoos practice nest parasitisim?

Cuckoos don't raise their own young. Instead, a female cuckoo lays her eggs in another bird's nest. The cuckoo chick tends to be bigger and grow faster than the host bird's young, outcompeting them for food, and usually ends up killing them. Some species do seem to realize when a cuckoo egg is laid in their nest and will destroy it or build a new nest on top of the old one and the eggs in it. However, many species seem clueless, even if the cuckoo chick ends up growing much larger than they are. A few other species are parasitic breeders, including cowbirds.

What age is billy's mom mensioned in one flew over the cuckoo's nest?

Chapter 29. She says she does not look like the mom of a 31 year old

What nest is 100 yers old?

The bald eagle nest is 100 years old.

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Billy is 31.5 and Robert is 19.5 yrs old

Do bluebirds use the same nest for their second brood?

No. They make a new one for each brood but if you take out the old nest after the young have left the nest they may make a new in that birdhouse.

How old was billy bishop when ww1 started?

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When wrens have had their first brood do you take out the nest?

After the young have left the nest, remove it. Wrens won't re-nest on the old one.

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