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it's may 3rd and i don't remember waht year but he's 17

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he is 16 going on 17

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Q: How old is Thomas Carter from varsity fanclub?
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How old is david brandt from varsity fanclub?


How old is Drew from Varsity Fanclub?

Drew is 27, he was born June 17th, 1983

How old is TC from Varsity FanClub?

T .C is turning 17 on May 3 2010

How old is Bobby Edner?

US singer Bobby Edner (Varsity Fanclub) is 28 years old (birthdate: October 5, 1988).

How old is Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity FanClub?

Drew Ryan Scott is 29 years old (born June 17, 1988).

How old are the memebers of varsity fanclub?

Jayk is 24, David is 24, Drew is 22, Bobby is 22 and TC is 17.

How old is Thomas Carter?

16 or 17 i don't really remember

How old is all the members of varsity fanclub?

Their approximate ages as of 2013 are:Jayk Purdy is 26 (born August 17, 1986)Drew Ryan Scott is 24 (born June 17, 1988)TC (Tommy Lee Carter) is 19Blake is (?)Former member David Lei Brandt is 24

What actors and actresses appeared in Old Hollywood - 2012?

The cast of Old Hollywood - 2012 includes: Thomas Fisco as Vince Carter Monte Wilson as Jim Grant

How old is Carter Asay?

Carter Asay is 10 years old.

How old is drew from varsity fan club?

i think he's 23

How old is Jonathan Scott?

Drew Scott, twin brother of Jonathan Scott, is 39 years old (born April 28, 1978).US singer Drew Ryan Scott (Varsity FanClub) is 29 years old (born June 17, 1988).