How old is Steve Cram?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Steve Cram is 50 years old (birthdate: October 14, 1960).

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Q: How old is Steve Cram?
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What is Steve Cram's birthday?

Steve Cram was born on October 14, 1960.

When was Steve Cram born?

Steve Cram was born on October 14, 1960.

Where does Steve cram live?

None of your business...

Which of these athletes won 3 gold medals at the 2008 olympicsa Steve cram b rebecca adlington c chris d Christine ohuruogu?

steve cram

Whose record did Steve cram break at 1500 meters in 1985?

Steve Ovett of Great Britain. Steve Cram's 3:29.67 for the 1500 in 1985 broke Ovett's record of 3:30.77 set in 1983.

Who won the 1500m in the 1983 world championship?

Steve Cram

How old is Michael Cram?

Canadian actor Michael Cram (Flashpoint) is 48 years old (born July 11, 1968).

How may olympic gols medals did Steve cram win?

None. Middle distance runner Steve Cram of Great Britain won one Olympic medal, a silver in men's 1,500 meter run at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

What are the names of Steve Cram's children?

Steve Cram is a now retired Olympic runner. He was born in October of 1960, and won a silver medal for England during the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles. He has two children, Marcus and Josie, who are aspiring runners.

How old is Donald J. Cram?

Donald J. Cram was born on April 22, 1919 and died on June 17, 2001. Donald J. Cram would have been 82 years old at the time of death or 96 years old today.

How old was Donald J. Cram at death?

Donald J. Cram died on June 17, 2001 at the age of 82.

Does a Cram map with a fabric back have any value?

it does if it is really old