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Richard Attenborough was 90 years old when he died on August 24, 2014 (5 days before his birthday).

(birthdate: August 29, 1923).

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Q: How old is Richard Attenborough?
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What is the birth name of Richard Attenborough?

Richard Attenborough's birth name is Attenborough, Richard Samuel.

What is Richard Attenborough's birthday?

Richard Attenborough was born on August 29, 1923.

When was Richard Attenborough born?

Richard Attenborough was born on August 29, 1923.

What nicknames does Richard Attenborough go by?

Richard Attenborough goes by Dickie, and Bunter..

Are david attenborough and richard attenborough brothers?

Sir David Attenborough is the younger brother of Lord Richard Attenborough, an actor.

Who is the director of world famous film 'The Gandhi'?

Gandhi was directed by Richard Attenborough.

Richard Attenborough was in the 1947one of Brighton Rock?

Yes, Richard Attenborough played Pinke in the 1947 film apadtation of the text.

Are David Attenborough and Richard Attenborough twins?

No. david is younger than his brother john

What are the ratings and certificates for Richard Attenborough The Actors' Director - 2003?

Richard Attenborough The Actors' Director - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

What is the actor's name who plays John Hammond the owner of Jurassic Park?

Richard Attenborough played the role of John Hammond .

Who is the director of film ghandhi?

Richard Attenborough.

Who is hammond in Jurassic Park?

Richard Attenborough