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UK actor Richard Armitage is 45 years old (birthdate: August 22, 1971).

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Q: How old is Richard Armitage?
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Does Richard armitage have kids?

No, Richard Armitage does not have any children.

What is Richard Armitage's birthday?

Richard Armitage was born on August 22, 1971.

When was Richard Armitage born?

Richard Armitage was born on August 22, 1971.

Are Richard armitage and Simon armitage related?


Is Simon armitage related to Richard armitage?


When was Richard Armitage - politician - born?

Richard Armitage - politician - was born on 1945-04-26.

What has the author Richard Armitage written?

Richard Armitage has written: 'Beginning Spanish' -- subject(s): Spanish language, Grammar, Readers

What is the sexual orientation of Richard Armitage?

There are 3 famous people with this name, and none of them have ever discussed their sexual orientations: Richard Armitage (agent) (born 1928, died 1986), English talent agent Richard Armitage (actor) (born 1971), English actor Richard Armitage (politician) (born 1945), American politician

Will Richard Armitage adopt kids?


How tall is Richard armitage?

6' 2"

What has the author John James Richard Armitage written?

John James Richard Armitage has written: 'To Christian England' -- subject(s): Christian sociology

Who is Richard armitage's boyfriend?

As of May 7, 2014 Richard Armitage is rumored to be dating Lee Pace. Neither party has denied or confirmed this rumor.