How old is Nikki manja?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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414 520-9756

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doo doo to you

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Q: How old is Nikki manja?
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When is Nikki manja birthday?

February 11th

Is Nikki manja by?

no she is not a by she just act like it

Does Nikki manja has a fake body?


Who is Nikki manja dating?

she is dating drake from young money and likes lady gaga

Why is Nikki Manja a thot?

she isn't people just love his sex appeal so she does it for her fans

Is Nikki manja mom Dead?

no nicki minaj mom is not dead because she said her mother was looking for channel 34 bet

Does drake like Niki manja?

On his facebook account, it said married to Nikki Minaj, but they are only really good friends. At least, that's what they say ;)

Does Nikki manja have a baby?

no if she did she will have to raise them but she want to rap that why she don't want to have kids.

How old is Nicky Manja?

i think 29 or 27

What nicknames does Aleksandar Manja go by?

Aleksandar Manja goes by Manja.

How old is Nikki minja?

Nikki minja is25 years old

How old is Nikki Reed?

Nicole "Nikki" Reed is 29 years old (birthdate: May 17, 1988).