How old is Natalie okri now?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well i know because i am her friend she is 12 her voice is beautiful i went to her house it was cool :)

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Q: How old is Natalie okri now?
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Who is better diversity or Natalie okri?

Natalie Okri

How old is Natalie okri?

She is 11 years old in 2010

What school does Natalie okri go to?

Natalie Okri goes to SFD Primary School in London "¬¬

Did Natalie Okri get beaten up?

Natalie Okri was bullied at school both physically and verbally by other students at her school.

When is Natalie Okri's birthday?

she's 13

Did Natalie okri ever get any record deals?


Is Natalie okri cute?

she is absolutely adorable...what happened to her?

What school did Natalie okri go to?

SFD Primary School in London "¬¬

When did Natalie Okri end braitains got talent?

She finished in the semi final.

What is the name of the song that Natalie Okri plays in the Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals?

Superstar by Jamelia.

Did Natalie Okri win Britain's Got Talent?

No she didn't win. She reached the semi final before being eliminated.

How old is Natalie babbit?

she is now 77 years old.