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Miley Cyrus has

1 Real sister - Noah

1 Real Brother - Brasion

1 Half sister - Brandi (just her mums daughter , but billy ray adopted her)

2 Half Brothers - Trace (just her mums son , but billy ray adopted her)

and Christopher Cody Cyrus (just her dads son)

Chris lives with his mother and i don't think miley sees him much :S

Noah is 10

Brasion is 15

Brandi is 22

Trace is 20

Chris is 17

alicia x (

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Q: How old is Miley Cyrus' siblings?
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What is Miley Cyruses yongust siblings name?

Noah cyrus-9 year old

How many silbings does Miley Cyrus have?

miley has 4 siblings

Where is Miley Cyrus mom lives?

Miley Cyrus mom lives with Miley and Miley's siblings in their house! :)

Does mileycyrus have any siblings?

Miley Cyrus does have siblings. she has 4.

How many biological siblings does Miley Cyrus have?

5 siblings

Does Miley Cyrus live with her brothers and sisters?

Miley Cyrus does indeed live with her family and her siblings.

Miley cires sisters name?

Miley Cyrus sisters name is Noah Cyrus and another of her siblings is Tracey Cyrus.

What were miley's siblings names?

Noah Cyrus

Who is trace Cyrus's siblings?

Miley Cyrus Brandi Cyrus Brason (sp?) Cyrus Noah Cyrus

Does one of Miley Cyrus's siblings play in her band?

Miley's Older Adopted Sister Played On Her Meet Miley Cyrus Tour

How many brothers and sisters has Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Who has 5 siblings the Jonas brothers or Miley Cyrus?

miley, actuallly, its 6