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Joe Jackson is 79 years old


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Q: How old is Michael father Joe Jackson?
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How old is Michael Jackson's father?

Joe Jackson is 80 years old.

How old is Michael's father Joseph Jackson?

Joseph Walter "Joe" Jackson born July 26, 1929.

How old are Michael Jackson's parents?

Joe Jackson is 80 Katherine Jackson is 78

How old are Michael Jackson's parents?

Joe Jackson is 80 Katherine Jackson is 78

How old was Michael Jackson when he became a father?

Michael Jackson had his first son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. when he had 39.

Why did Michael Jackson join Jackson 5?

He joined the band at 5 years old and the band was originally Tito, Jackie and Randy, Joe (the father) thought Michael and Marlon were to young to join until Michael performed at a talent show, Joe then made him the lead.

How old is Joseph Jackson Michael Jacksons brother?

Michael does not have a "brother" named Joseph Jackson. Joseph Jackson is Michael's father

How old is joe Jackson Michael Jackson's dad?

July 26, 1929 --> age 79

Is samual Jackson Michael Jackson related?

no. Not the Samual Jackson that you may be thinking of. But Michael's dad-Joe had a father by the name of Samual Jackson. The Samual Jackson related to Michael was not famous though. But there is a video on youtube someone made to show that Prince Jackson is Michael's son and they include and old photograph of Samual, and it's scary how much he and Prince look alike!

How old was michael jackson when his Dad died?

His father is still alive.

Is Michael Jackson's father nasty to his grandchildren?

No, Joe has mellowed in his old age plus in his Grammy speech Prince thanked both Joe and Katherine for their love and support, if he was mean to them he wouldn't have been included.

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