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Matthew Le Tissier is 42 years old (birthdate: October 14, 1968).

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Q: How old is Matthew Le Tissier?
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What is Matthew Le Tissier's birthday?

Matthew Le Tissier was born on October 14, 1968.

When was Matthew Le Tissier born?

Matthew Le Tissier was born on October 14, 1968.

What is the birth name of Matt Le Tissier?

Matt Le Tissier's birth name is Matthew Paul Le Tissier.

What nicknames does Matt Le Tissier go by?

Matt Le Tissier goes by Le God.

How tall is Matt Le Tissier?

Matt Le Tissier is 186 cm.

What has the author Tony Le Tissier written?

Tony Le Tissier has written: 'Der Kampf um Berlin 1945'

When was Matt Le Tissier born?

Matt Le Tissier was born on October 14, 1968, in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK.

What nicknames did Jean Tissier go by?

Jean Tissier went by Le nonchalant qui passe (an allusion to the song 'Le chaland qui passe').

What is the origin and or country of origin of the surname Letissier?

The surname Letissier is French, also as Le Tissier and Tissier, meaning "to weave", or Tisseur, "a weaver". The surname Le Tissier means, "The Weaver"; probably a name for someone who weaves clothing. This surname is also found in England.

Did Matt Le Tissier score 15 goals in the premier league?


What football team does Matt le tissier support?

He Supports Southampton FC

Who scored hat-tricks for Southampton in the premiership?

Matt Le Tissier and James Beattie.