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Lara Jean Marshall is 28 years old (birthdate: July 30, 1988).

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Q: How old is Lara Jean Marshall?
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How tall is Lara Jean Marshall?

Lara Jean Marshall is 5' 3".

What nicknames does Lara Jean Marshall go by?

Lara Jean Marshall goes by LJ.

When was Lara Jean Marshall born?

Actress Lara Jean Marshall was born July 30, 1988. As of December 22, 2010, she is 22.

Can Lara jean marshall drive?


What is Lara Jean Marshall doing now?

Lara Jean Marshall is now in Canada with her 2 friends Sophie Bennett and Keenan Macwilliam. She is doing concerts too with them.

Has Lara jean marshall died?

Who is dead from the saddle club? Everyone says it was Lara Jean Marshall who had died but it was actually Jessica Jacobs who died. She slipped onto the train tracks and a train hit her Lara Jean Marshall: Lisa Jessica Jacobs:Melanie

Is Lara jean marshall a Christian girl?

Yes, she is a Christian.

Is Lara jean marshall alive?

Yes, it was Jessica Jacobs (who played Melanie) that died, not Lara

Where is Lara Jean marshall now?

She's still living in Melbourne and acting :)

Did Lara jean marshall get her appendix out in real life?

no she did not Jessica Jacobs was the one that has died

Where does Lara Marshall live?

Lara Jean Marshall is an actress who was born in London, England. Currently, she makes her home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is most well-known for her television role in The Saddle Club.

What is Lara Jean Marshall's official fan email address?

An official fan e-mail address forLara Jean Marshall is not available at this time. An official website does not appear to exist either.