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Raimundo is around 16 and kimiko is younger than him so she's about 14 or 15

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Q: How old is Kimiko on Xiaolin Showdown?
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Who does kimiko in xiaolin showdown like?


How old is Raimundo from xiaolin showdown?

Raimundo is 16 and Kimiko is 15 kimiko is about 14

Does Kimiko have a crush on Raimundo ine the series Xiaolin Showdown?

Yeah <3

What episode did Raimundo have a dream date with Kimiko in Xiaolin Showdown?

Its in Season 3 The Dream Stalker

Will Warner Bros plan to do a spinoff of Xiaolin Showdown about the character Kimiko Tohomiko?

Not that i know of but if they did that would be awesome!

Who does kimiko like on xiaolin showdown?

Raimundo, she kisses him on the cheek in episode 52 and hugs him throughout the series.

What is the duration of Xiaolin Showdown?

The duration of Xiaolin Showdown is 1320.0 seconds.

When was Xiaolin Showdown created?

Xiaolin Showdown was created on 2003-11-01.

When did Xiaolin Showdown end?

Xiaolin Showdown ended on 2006-05-13.

When did Xiaolin Showdown - video game - happen?

Xiaolin Showdown - video game - happened in 2006.

What are the ratings and certificates for Xiaolin Showdown - 2003?

Xiaolin Showdown - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-Y

When was Xiaolin Showdown - video game - created?

Xiaolin Showdown - video game - was created on 2006-11-14.