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Nash Grier is 20 years old, born on December 28, 1997.

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Hayes Grier is a popular Viner and was born June 8, 2000 (age 17). His posts frequently feature the hashtag #notaracist.

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Hayes 14

Nash 16

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Q: How old is Hayes and Nash grier?
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Is Nash Grier Haye Grier's bro?

Hayes Grier and Nash Grier are brothers from North Carolina.

What grade is Hayes grier?

Hayes Grier is a 14 year old viner, he is Nash Grier's brother. He was a part of Magcon. He is so hot and girls fangirl over him

Whats nash grier snapchat?

Nash Grier's snapchat is Nash Grier Vines. This is a famous actress.

Who is better Nash Grier or Matt Espinosa?

Nash Grier.

How tall is Nash grier?

Nash is 6'0. He said it in a question and answer video :)Social media star 16 year old Nash Grier is precisely 6 feet tall and

Does Hayes Grier have a middle name?

Hayes Grier has a middle name; his full name is Hayes Benjamin Grier.

When was Nash grier born?

Nash Grier was born on November 19th, 1998. He is 16 years old.

Is hayes grier and madison beer a thing?

No. Hayes Grier and Madison Beer are not a thing.

Who was Hayes Grier?

Hayes Grier is a famous viner that is 15 and Heaven Edwards is related to him.

I'd Nash grier single?

Nash Grier (born December 28, 1997) is still single

What is Nash Grier's number?

Nash Grier does not give out his personal phone number to the general public.

Is Nash grier Jewish?

ask him